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The News update of Karyes webpage in English ceases its activity on March 2015 and anyone who wishes to be informed in that language can continue through the News Bulletins of the Karyates Association


Snowfall at Karyes

The winter was colder this year than the previous and the snowfall offered a white New Year Day to residents of Karyes and the surrounding villages. The sight was beautiful and we remembered even for a moment the stories of our grandparents that were talking about harsh winters with lots of snow.

The snow appeared also during the following winter days and the frost certainly complicated the lives of residents. Despite the difficulties, the snow is beneficial to fill with fresh water the springs and rivers that flow from Parnon. The photos collected from the internet are witnesses of winter beauty of nature.

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The Plans of the Karyes Folkore Center of the Karyates Association (S.A.K.) are ready

After systematic efforts of the Board of the Karyates Association, the plans were completed for the reconstruction of the building owned by the S.A.K. in the central square of Karyes. The Board of Members sentient obligation towards all compatriots who for years have offered significant sums for the purchase of the building, proceeded with caution in preparing this study.

At first, they proceeded with the dismantling of the building's surface plaster so that the surface's stone structure to be revealed. The result was to confirm the fact that this building was designed from the start to be built as a "neoclassical" architectural style, ie special plaster and ornate faceplates are used around the roof and windows, and it was not a stone-building that was covered later with plaste , like almost all other buildings in the village. Therefore, the idea of ​​"revelation" and maintaining of the stone surface did not qualify, both because of the stones' quality and secondly to avoid altering the original character of the building.

At second, they proceeded with the reconstruction the building's roof , in order to solve the problem of moisture.

Now the plans propose the establishment of a wine tasting museum in the cellar-basement, a traditional Café and business premises on the ground floor and an exhibition hall on first floor. Furthermore, for the two tangential buildings are planned:

  • in the former ironwork store, the creation of a multipurpose hall on the ground floor, serving as a conference and projection hall and on the first floor a reading hall and
  • in the building served as the former police station, on the ground floor will be the entrance to the exhibition and a memorabilia store and on first floor the offices of S.A.K.
Structural plans of floors of the Karyes Folkore Center

All the above will be joined together with elevator, while there are also toilets (and for people with disabilities). The Board of Members of the Association decided that a complete copy of the study will be sent to all brotherhoods worldwide.


A Review of Summer Events in Karyes

The festivities began with the excellent organization of the 2nd Semi-Marathon Parnona "Ta Karyateia" by Sports Club "O KARYATIS" on June 21st, in honor of the benefactor G. Th. Skiouris, with the participation of 500 runners. The race this year included the Semi-Marathon, the "Musses Road" (6,000 meters), the "Children's Race" (2,000 meters) and the "Promenade Road" of 10,000 meters in the route of the three race events.

It is also mentioned that on July 19th, passed through Karyes the 70km ultra marathon race "KRONION PERASMA" (with start and finish in Agios Petros village).

On the 26th and 27th of July, as each year the annual festivals (panigyria) of the village are being organized by the Local Council of Karyes, at the Rahi and Central Square, with the well known success.

On August 2nd, a children festival and painting exhibition was held for the first time in the main square, organized by the S.A.K., the Cultural Club and the Reading Club "O Karyothrafstis" (The Nutcracker). The event was based on the subject of the nut and the event ended in afternoon with the show of "Paramythou" (Storyteller) and a musical party that lasted until late at night. All children in the village had fun and asked the event to take place each year.
More photos of the event here.

On Sunday, August 3rd the annual event of the Karyates Association (S.A.K.) was organized in honor of the expatriates and visitors of the village, in the conference hall of the Community Building. The Chairman Mr. Repoulis and Board Members welcomed everyone and informed them on the activities of the Association and especially the completion of the study plan for the building of the S.A.K. in the Central Square of Karyes. The event was attended by all institutions of the village, the outgoing and newly elected Local Council, city councilors, representatives of the Sports Club, the Cultural Club, the Association of Blood Donation, the Reading Club "O Karyothrafstis" (The Nutcracker), the ecclesiastical club, the Skiouris Foundation, as well as newly formed non-profit organization of "Kerchoula's Testament", who in their turn informed about their activities. This was really a very good gathering at which those involved informed actually everyone for all issues of Karyes.
More photos of the event here.

On August 4th, a music event was held in the central Square, with the participation of a live band from Vamvakou, an offer of local cultural association "NEA ZOE".

On August 8th, a play of "shadow theater"-Karagiozis was presented for children in Central Square, an offer of the Community of Sparta.
More photos of the event here.

On August 10th, in the courtyard of the Church of Assumption (Panagia) and beneath the plane trees of Menelaus, the well known throughout Laconia and Arcadia 'PARTY' of the Cultural Club of Karyes was held for the fourth time which this year was titled "Party Allios". An actually excellent organized event, with presence of DJ's which attracted as every year hundreds of people that danced until dawn.

On August 12th , in the packed with people conference hall of the Community Building, a really rare for the facts of Greek province cultural event took place at the initiative of S.A.K. It was about the presentation of the new book of the fellow compatriot writer, poet and journalist Mr. Iatropoulos, entitled 'To Ansanser' (The Elevator), accompanied by a presentation of its timeless work with the projection of documentary film, as well as the performing of its known songs by a group of musicians.

On August 14th, in the agrotourism unit "Ta Arachovitika Kalyvia" a musical evening was organized entitled "four instruments, four voices". At the same time, from 26th of July to 25th of August, in the same agrotourism unit a painting exhibition of painter Takis Petrides was hosted.

On August 15th, as every year celebrated the Assumption with Divine Liturgy held at the Church Assumption (Panagia) in the presence of all inhabitants and visitors. The Divine Liturgy was officiated by the Bishop of Atlanta USA. Alexios.

On Saturday August 16th the annual summer dance of S.A.K. was held at the beautiful grove of Agia Paraskevi. With live orchestra of laikorempetika and songs from the old Greek cinema, as well as traditional folk songs with DJ Leonidas Chondropoulos.

On Sunday August 17th, in the Conference Hall of the Community Building, an update of the new 'Non-Profit Company KERCHOULAS' was held by its President George Tsivilis and Board Members informing both about the company (purpose and method of operation, statute) and secondly about the planned investment construction of a power plant using biomass.

Finally, the event ended on Sunday August 31, with the projection in the central square of the new film by Pantelis Voulgaris entitled "Mikra Agglia" (Little England), based on the homonymous book by Ioanna Karystiani. The display was free to the public.


The Digitazation of the Newspaper "Karyes" has been completed

The newspaper "Karyes, Arachova Laconias and villages of former Oinountas Municipality" began to be issued in October 1986 and continued seamlessly for 24 years, until May 2010, where the publication stopped at the 99th sheet. The newspaper began its issue monthly, to become a bimonthly and later a quarterly, so as to be able to cover more material.

It was the personal vision and passion of Mrs Annita Glekas-Prekezes, which after much thought decided the edition of a local newspaper. The objective of this newspaper was to inform the villagers and the compatriots, who were abroad, on the current cultural and social news, while enriching the contents with themes of history, folklore and culture, both of Karyes (Arachova), as of the wider Laconia's region and the surrounding villages.

Mrs Glekas-Prekezes, with much love and effort, was able to collect the news of the village, while keeping the contents of the newspaper away from political expediencies. Although the newspaper was for subscribers only in order to cover the expensive printing costs, its impact reached all five continents, thanks to the thirst of our compatriots for news from their country and their place of origin.

The idea for the digitization of the Journal "Karyes" was conceived jointly by the siblings Harris and Margie Konstantopoulos, as they tried to gather information to enrich the Karyes Laconia's web site (www.karyes.gr). Therefore, they studied the preserved archive of the newspaper held by their mother, Kaiti Konstantopoulou-Kardara.

According to them, the objective of digitization was to maintain the archives in time, considering the wearing of the sensitive material of paper. Moreover, their desire was to ensure the availability of its valuable contents at an even wider audience through the Internet, as the newspaper, when it was published, it was for subscribers only and many compatriots (especially the younger generations) didn't have access to this rich source of information about the place of Karyes and the surrounding villages.

The idea was welcomed by the members of the Board the S.A.K. and Mrs. Annita Glekas-Prekezes accepted the proposal of the digitization of the newspaper and she contributing to the completeness of the archive.

The project was completed in the summer of 2014 and posted via www.karyes.gr as a separate node, called the Digital Archive of Journal "Karyes, Arachova Laconias and villages of former Oinountas municipality" (available only in greek) to fulfill the purpose for which it was created.