Karyes Pafsanias

Hotels & Guesthouses

In Karyes, there are Guesthouses and Hotels, inside and outside the settlement, which offer good quality of services and make the staying pleasant. Below are all available accommodation services on site.

Hotels (☆☆☆)

To Archontiko tou Parnona
Classic Hotel 3★
Contact: Ioannis Koutsogeorgas
Tel:  (+30)2731095014 - (+30)2731095350 - (+30)6974192261
Fax: (+30)2731095115
email: hotelparnona@gmail.com

Arachovitika Kalivia
Classic Hotel 3★
Contact: Maria Mpakirtzi
Tel:    (+30)2731095403,  (+30)6972252945
Fax:    (+30)2731092405
E-mail: arachovitikakalivia@gmail.com


To Agnantio
Furnished Apartments
Contact: Vasiliki Tserota
Tel:   (+30)2731095188,  (+30)2731095229
Cel:   (+30)6974975387

Ta Petrina
Furnished Apartments 3★
Contact: Maria Poulokefalou-Kolovou
Tel:    (+30)2731095043
Cel:    (+30)6973983063