Karyes Pafsanias

Commercial Stores

In Karyes there are commercial stores, which provide inhabitants and visitors all kind of groceries, traditional bread, cheese, pastries, pastas, fruits, vegetables, chestnuts, walnuts, tea, oregano, honey, organic olive oil and local wine. Below you can find all available stores on site and the variety of products that they offer.

Drug Store

Periklis Tzanetakos
Main Road - after Karyes Main Square
Tel: (+30) 2731095166


Afroditi Maniati-Diamantourou
Main Road - Entrance of Main Square
Tel: (+30) 2731095154

Cheese Products - Butcher Shop

Tavern «O Platanos» - Theodoros Koutsogiorgas
Main Square
Tel: (+30) 2731095366, (+30) 6978199150

Traditional Products, Sweets etc.

Tasia Arfani-Mahaira
Main Road - Entrance of Main Square
Tel: (+30) 2731095508

Disposal of Traditional Products

Ardamis Restaurant - Evagelos Ardamis
10th km on road Karyes-Tripolis/Chania Bakourou
Tel: (+30) 2710382594