Karyes Pafsanias

Karyes Fire Protection and Blood Bank

Karyes Fire Protection

Karyes, a beautiful and historic village of Parnonas, had always intensely geophysical features with rugged woodland places and dense vegetation. Therefore, the Community residents have made every possible effort to prevent fires and protect the natural wealth of the forest area. The organization of these efforts is under the responsibility of Volunteers and Community Institutions since the 1990ies.

After the catastrophic fire at the location "springs" of Karyes (09.04.2000), the collective effort has further intensified and our compatriots have expressed great interest and concern for the protection of place of their origin. So a fire truck, desinged for extinguishing forest areas, was bought by our compatriot Panagiotis Dimitroulas and it was transferred to the Community. The fire truck, with registration number ΚΗΦ 23067, remains permanently in the village and it has become an indispensable tool guarding and protecting the area. In 2007, when the disastrous fire occurred in Parnonas, the village participated actively and decisively with agricultural vehicles, a hiker department and guarding groups.

This great effort for the environmental and fire protection of the village and of the wider region received universal recognition and as a result:

  • In 2008, Marfin Egnatia Bank offered the equipment for the voluntary team, such as uniforms, chain saws, lights, masks, gloves, etc. (08.16.2008).
  • In 2009, our compatriot Panagiotis Odysseas Skiouris donated three (3) firefighting tanks properly rearranged to beplaced on a 4x4 agricultural truck, which are flexible and can intervene immediately in case of an incident.

The exemplary effort that has already been recognized by institutions and citizens culminated with the establishment of the Association entitled «PYRASFALIA KARYON LAKONIAS» (Karyes Fire Protection). On 07.19.2010, the General Assembly of the residents and the making out of the Statute took place with the decision N. 4/02.15.2011 approved by the Sparta Court. Finally, on 15.05.2011, the Board of Fire Karyes constituted with elections.

Text by Theodoros Mentis

Karyes Blood Bank

The blood donation of Karyes began in 1983 with the initiative of the Young Association of Karyes along with the Tripolis Hospital, because although Karyes belong to Laconia Prefecture, the Sparta Hospital did not organized blood donation in villages.

The Blood Bank, in accordance to its statute, is managed by a three-member committee.

Its purpose is to cover all within third degree relatives of blood donors, but also other villagers who have no relative and are in need.

Since 1984, blood donations are been carried out every semester under the supervision of a group of doctors and nurses, employed by Tripolis Hospital but since 2004 the group originates from Sparta Hospital. Finally, it is worth highlighting the contribution of Mrs. Voula Dalakoura who is the "soul" of Karyes Blood Bank from its inception until today.