Karyes Pafsanias

Peter Kerhulas Trust Management Association

The Benefactor and the Trust

Compatriot Panagiotis M. Kerhoulas - Peter Kerhulas was born in Arachova (Karyes, Laconia) on June 20, 1891 and left it on August 16, 1908 to the USA, in search of a better life. He arrived in New York and after many adventures settled permanently in Saint Joseph, Michigan on January 17, 1920. The hard work in his new homeland yielded an enviable fortune, but he never forgot his homeland and his place of origin, Karyes of Laconia. On February 27, 1976, Peter Kerhulas created the Peter M. Kerhulas Charitable Trust with which he wanted to strengthen his village, Karyes, with an today amount of over 1 million€. The purpose was to promote the quality of life and the available economic opportunities of the village, to help the young people in Karyes to stay in their place and not to need to emigrate, as he was forced in his life. He set a deadline of 40 years since the death of his wife, who died in October 1986, to use these resources.

This amount was left unused in an US bank for many years, as the conditions set by the late benefactor were quite difficult to meet. Eventually, with the mobilization of organizations in Greece and other compatriots, the transfer of money to Greece was achieved and then an Association was created to utilize this important financial capital, under the name of Peter Kerhulas Trust Management Association.

The assets of the Trust ended, after three decades and many adventures, from the USA to Greece, in the management of the Holy Metropolis of Monemvasia and Sparta. Finally, with the mobilization of organizations and other compatriots, an organization for this important financial capital was created, called the Peter Kerhulas Trust Management Association and ended with the final transfer of the money to the new institution to satisfy the wishes of their disposer.

The Management Association

After the necessary processes, the most appropriate legal scheme was selected and on September 8, 2018, the "ΣΩΜΑΤΕΙΟ ΔΙΑΧΕΙΡΙΣΗΣ ΚΑΤΑΠΙΣΤΕΥΜΑΤΟΣ ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗ ΚΕΡΧΟΥΛΑ"/PETER KERCHULAS TRUST MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION was established by about 180 founding members.The legalization procedures of the Association were completed at the end of 2018. The initial amount of money allocated by the benefactor, together with the interest of about thirty years, reached the amount of US $ 1,507,955.60, which was received by the Association

It is worth noting that first the Metropolitan of Sparta & Monemvasia Efstathios managed years ago to bring the money to Greece and then with guarantors Panagiotis Kopsiaftis and the members of the Board of the newly formed Association succeeded in the assignment of the total assets of TRUST to the Association.

The members of the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee were elected by the First General Assembly of the Association, on March 24, 2019.


The main purpose of the Association is the management of the KERCHULA trust and the implementation of the decided projects and actions, honoring the desire of the late benefactor to create opportunities to encourage the young people of the village to continue living in their place. The main axes of the Association's goals are the utilization of water resources, the stimulation of local production, the promotion of tourism & culture and the promotion of Karyes.

The main resources of the Association, in addition to the assets of the KERHULA trust, are provided by donations and sponsorships, as well as resources of subsidized programs ἡ resources of institutions for social purposes.